Grammar for Writing

Grammar for Writing

Grammar for Writing is a literacy intervention that aims to improve writing skills of Year 6 pupils by providing contextualised grammar teaching. It encourages pupils to improve how their writing communicates with the reader by making connections between a linguistic feature and the effect it has on writing, rather than by focusing on grammatical inaccuracies. It can be delivered as both a universal and targeted intervention.

Grammar for Writing – A Randomised Controlled Trial Study

All three schools across the Trust are taking part in a trial study, funded by the Educational Endowment Foundation, which will explore the effectiveness and impact of the explicit teaching of grammar in the context of writing for Year 6 students, with a particular focus on FSM students. A team from the University of Exeter are leading the intervention with a team from the University of York evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention. Whether or not an intervention or control school, Year 6 teachers have received CPD which underpins the main principles of Grammar for Writing.

The four main principles are:

• Make a link between the grammar being introduced and how it works in the writing being taught;

• Explain the grammar through examples, not lengthy explanations;

• Build in high-quality discussion about grammar and its effects.

• Use examples from authentic texts to links writers to the broader community of writers.

Please click on the PDF file below to see the most recent newsletter which gives information about the project and the role of the evaluation team in York.